Login FAQ - Covers

Why can't I login to Covers.com?

First, double check your username and password against the data you received by email after registration. The password must to be entered exactly as shown.  If you have forgotten your password click here.

I’m sure my username and password is correct, and I still can’t login.

You should verify that “cookies” are enabled in your browser. Covers uses two types of cookies depending on how you login:

If you answer "No" to the "Remember Me " question, Covers creates a "per session" cookie to remember your name when you access different pages on the site. When you exit the browser, the information is lost. When you come back to visit, you need to login again.

If you answer "Yes" to the "Remember Me " question, a "persistent" cookie file is written to your computer's disk. When you come back to visit, Covers will access the file and automatically log you back in.

I’ve enabled cookies and still can’t login.

Click here to send us an email. Remember to include your username in your message so we can check your registration data.